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About Us

Dental Health is a Choice

Personalized and comfortable care

What is a person’s health worth? Our purpose at Renaissance Dental is to serve our patients and help them reach their dental goals. Our team provides our patients the opportunity to obtain healthy, attractive, functional, long-lasting, and pain-free chewing. We are interested in not only treating the dental disease but also the cause of the dental disease. Once the cause is eliminated, the disease is eliminated. My dental team and I strive to build an individual relationship with our patients. These relationships are built on trust as well as shared goals and visions.

Dr. Michael Sanchez believes that when a person is given accurate information and the right support in a nurturing environment, people will make choices that have a positive effect on their dental health. Through exploring the needs and wants of the patient, I help to set goals for a lifetime plan. This lifetime plan cultivates an interdependent relationship, by which the patient assumes responsibility for his/her own health.

Teeth are amazing! We understand your needs and look forward to helping you achieve your dental goals. Depending on their condition, they can enhance/hinder our appearance, they can feel great/cause pain, and increase/decrease our self-esteem.

Renaissance Dental – Where Smiles Are Born Again

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What Is Our Philosophy

What is in the name? The definition of the word renaissance means a rebirth or being reborn. There are several dental scenarios that can constitute smiles being born again:

• Making someone who is afraid of having dental work done not to have that fear anymore
• Patients feel they are being heard and are given hope
• A person who has pain is now pain-free
• When someone goes from dental disease to dental health
• Recreating a smile that is beautiful and healthy again.

dentist Owasso, OK

Exceptional Patient Care Using Modern Technology

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