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How does Clear Aligners straighten teeth?
Your treatment will use a series of custom-made aligners. The aligners are placed over the teeth to gradually shift them into their proper positions. You will progress to your next set of aligners every two weeks to continually straighten your teeth. This will continue until you have achieved your desired results.

What are the aligners made of?
Clear Aligners aligners are made of a thermoplastic material that is developed especially for each patient. Each set of aligners is custom made for each patient, and they look similar to teeth whitening trays.

Do the aligners contain BPA (Bisphenol-A)?
No, Clear Aligners aligners and the retainers we offer do not contain BPA or phthalate plasticizers. They are instead made with USP Class VI medical-grade, high molecular weight, polyurethane resins.

How does Clear Aligners move my teeth?
Clear Aligners uses appropriately placed and controlled force to move your teeth. This force is precisely applied by Clear Aligners’s patented thermoplastic design. Clear Aligners controls not only the force, but also the timing of the force application – only certain teeth are allowed to move during each stage of treatment.

How long will my treatment last?
The average treatment time for adults is 12 months; however, your individual treatment length will depend on the severity of the case and your unique needs. We will discuss your treatment time during your initial visit to our office.

Can I just wear my aligners while I sleep?
No. In order for the treatment to be effective, the aligners must be in place for a minimum of 20-22 hours every day.

Will wearing the aligners affect my speech?
Like other orthodontic treatments, Clear Aligners may temporarily affect speech in some people; you may have a slight lisp for a day or two when you first begin treatment. As your tongue gets used to the aligners, however, any lisp caused by the aligners should disappear.

Do the aligners restrict what I can eat during treatment?
No. Because the aligners can be removed, you can eat and drink whatever you would like during treatment. Be sure to remove your aligners in order to eat and drink so they are not damaged. You should also floss and brush your teeth after each meal before reinserting your aligners to maintain good oral hygiene and fresh breath.

Can I chew gum while wearing aligners?
No, gum will stick to the aligners.

How often will I need to visit your office?
Dr. Michael Sanchez will schedule regular appointments for you to visit our office about once every four to six weeks. During these visits, our dentist will make certain that your treatment is progressing as planned.

Is Clear Aligners treatment painful?
Clear Aligners moves your teeth without the pain and anxiety that some patients may experience with metal braces. However, some patients experience temporary discomfort for a few days at the beginning of each new stage of Clear Aligners treatment. This is typically described as a feeling of pressure, and it is normal. It is also a sign that the aligners are working as they should to move your teeth.

What is the minimum age of a patient you can treat with Clear Aligners?
Clear Aligners Teen in Owasso, Oklahoma, can be used for teenage patients who have lost all of their primary (baby) teeth and have second molars that are at least partially erupted. This includes most teens.

How can I prevent my teeth from moving again after treatment?
Your post-treatment plan will depend on your specific needs. Most patients are fitted for a clear retainer that is similar to the aligners. This prevents your teeth from moving out of position following treatment.

How much does Clear Aligners cost?
Your treatment cost will depend on your individual needs; we can discuss the treatment cost during your initial visit to Renaissance Dental. The cost of Clear Aligners treatment in the US ranges from $3,500 to $8,000, with the average case costing approximately $5,000. Clear Aligners costs are typically comparable to the cost of traditional braces.

Does insurance cover Clear Aligners?
Each insurance policy is different; however, if you have orthodontic coverage, it is likely that Clear Aligners is covered to the same extent as conventional braces.

What payment options are available for Clear Aligners?
We are happy to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and CareCredit.

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