Healthy gums and underlying structures (jaw bone) are the foundations for a healthy mouth. Taking care of these areas will greatly improve your oral health.

What do healthy gums look like?
Healthy gums are:
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  • Pink and firm
  • Have an “orange peel” texture
  • Have minimal to no gum recession

What is gum disease?
Here are some signs:

  • Redness and looseness
  • Bleeding and Inflammation
  • Smooth texture
  • Moderate to advanced gum recession

Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums due to bacterial growth and plaque.

Periodontal Disease is an advanced stage of gum disease which not only affects the gums, but also the underlying jaw bone that supports the teeth. If left untreated, you may lose your teeth. Plaque and tartar are usually present in this condition.

Does Gum Disease Hurt?
Many people may go years without knowing they have gum disease. It is many times painless until the advanced stages. On the other hand, some people notice pain and tenderness at an early stage of gum disease. Gum disease also has been linked with other health issues of the body.

Do I have gum disease?
If you think you might have gum disease visit our Owasso, Oklahoma dental office and we will give you a thorough dental exam to determine if you have gum disease and how advanced it is. Treating gum disease early can save a lot of issues down the road.