What is a Filling?

A dental filling is one of the most basic restorations used to repair teeth that have suffered from decay or another type of damage. At Renaissance Dental, we offer white fillings that blend in beautifully with the natural appearance of your smile. White dental fillings are made of composite resin, which our dentist will match to your natural tooth color. In addition to being a very aesthetic restoration choice, white fillings are also durable and create a lasting bond with the natural tooth structure. Unlike amalgam (silver) fillings, white fillings are free from mercury and other metals.

Do I Need a Filling?

dentist Owasso, OK
Dr. Michael Sanchez may recommend a white dental filling in Owasso, Oklahoma, if a tooth experiences minor to moderate damage caused by decay or other factors, such as cracking or chipping. We first remove the damaged part of the tooth and carefully clean the tooth. We then fill the tooth with composite resin, which is applied in layers and hardened with a special light. Our dentist will make certain that your white filling matches the contours of the tooth and fits comfortably with your bite. Placing a white dental filling requires only one pleasant visit to our office, although multiple visits may be necessary if you need more than one restoration.


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